Game Economics

Explain how the game works.
There are 5 different rarities of Ocean Gods NFT cards, each with a different mint percentage.
  • Common - 48.6%
  • Uncommon - 30.5%
  • Rare - 17.6%
  • Epic - 3%
  • Legendary - 0.3%
And minting NFT is random so the player will get random rarity based on the percentage of the rarities. (Lucky player will get Legendary )
Higher rarity NFT has got big rewards, high percentage for winning, less cooldown.
In order to use the mint NFT, players must pay in fixed amount of $OCEANV2 or fixed amount of stable coin in $OCEANV2. In mint NFT, players' pay will be distributed between the NFT smart contract, the P2E game reward pool, and also the owner.